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Road Trippin’ Route 66

Route 66 has long been deemed the ultimate all American road trip. The 2400-mile ‘Glory Road’ spans America from Los Angeles to Chicago and has inspired many authors, songwriters and directors, capturing the imagination of many. Though officially decommissioned in 1984, due to new and faster routes, it has been forever ingrained in history as one of the greatest routes of all time. Its rich history and breathtaking country vistas make this route ever popular with nostalgic travellers. If you’re looking...Read More

The Perfect Getaway in Byron Bay

Located on the north coast of New South Wales, Australia’s most easterly point, Byron Bay is quite the destination!  Numerous beaches, untouched surroundings, and the ultimate in relaxed lifestyle, Byron Bay is a popular tourist destination. With average summer temperatures of 21C – 28C, and average winter temperatures of 15C – 21C, locals and visitors are able to take advantage of the various outdoor activities and party the night away at the many festivals throughout the year! Life’s a...Read More

Rocking Out in Rotorua

Hey…what’s that smell?! It’s the sweet smelling sulphur of Rotorua.  If you’re travelling around the North Island of New Zealand, you’ve got to stop in what the locals refer to as ROTOVEGAS. Locals are silly! It’s not a casino town! This is a spa town, so get ready to get down and dirty in the mud. Mud is your Bud Rotorua’s geothermal water and mineral-enriched muds are absolute must-do’s. These rejuvenating therapies spring from Rotorua’s thermal activity and you won’t see...Read More

Eco Travel: Not Just For Hippies Anymore

Guess what? You don’t need to be a Patchouli-wearing, tree-hugging, dread-infested hippie to embrace eco-tourism anymore. Eco-tourism basically involves visiting relatively undisturbed natural areas. It’s a small scale alternative to commercial tourism but you don’t necessarily have to hook up with businesses like Organic Explorer or Eco Travels to get involved. You’re smart enough to know that how you travel will impact the environment. So Bigfoot, how do you make your footprint smaller? Here are some...Read More

Opera in Da House: Why the Sydney Opera House is Better than You

So, I hear you think you’re pretty great, huh? Being the best you can be. Do you think you’re anywhere near as awesome as Sydney Opera House? I’m here to show you how you’re not in 10 points. Buckle up. 10. At Sydney Opera House, 1,600 performances happen every year. And it’s not just operas, but ballets, plays, pop music, symphonies, comedy, contemporary dance, and musical theatre. (You go to Karaoke twice a year.) 9. Sydney Opera House supports the Vivid Sydney festival. This festival transforms...Read More