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The Pacific Coast Highway: The Road Trip of Your Dreams

So you’ve gone and read some Jack Kerouac and now you want to pull your own Dharma Bum trip on the Pacific Coast Highway?! We don’t blame you! One of the most travelled routes in the great US of A; the Pacific Coast Highway is a hair-raising, cliff-hugging, stomach-churning 123 mile road along the central Cali coast that takes about five hours to drive. This All-American road is almost as iconic as baseball or apple pie, and it’s worth a trip if you’re looking for a memorable road trip. Start Your...Read More

How to Save Money on the Road

Yes! You can save money while travelling! Just look at how much money you’ve saved with your free Transfercar rental. And then follow these rules and you’ll save even more money… Food Rules Most travellers spend way too much money on drive-thru food. Not only is it expensive, but it’s going to make you feel tired and sluggish, two things you don’t want to feel while driving a Transfercar! Bring a cooler with you so that you can make grocery runs along your trip. Bring the necessary cutlery and treat...Read More

Hostels: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Fun Fact: Good hostels can be hard to come by. Places can be very hit or miss and often the reason a hostel is great has more to do with the location more so than anything else. When trying to pick a good hostel there are a few things to consider Price Budget travellers have a natural preference to go for the cheapest accommodation but that can sometimes bite back. Many cheap hostels are unclean, the showers are filthy and the pressure is terrible, and the place could be rife with bed bugs! The lower the price...Read More

Editor’s Pick for Best Travel Blogs

Ok. There are literally tens of thousands, no, possibly millions of travel blogs out there in the World Wide Web that cater to every, and any, traveler’s tastes. Over the year we’re going to publish our picks of the most popular travel blogs and the ones we believe are the most inspiring, too. If you come across some that you think we should have a look at then get in touch as we’d love to see them! Young Adventuress is a darling blog geared toward adventure and slow travel. Liz Carlson began travelling...Read More

Travel Apps: Making Travel Easy-Peasy

With Smart Phones and iPhones basically running the world, they make everything seem easier, even the complications of planning and booking a trip. While travel agents and DIY travel sites are still excellent and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, we think it’s time to turn to our phones to check out what travel apps can do for you and your holiday. Have a look at some of the trending travel apps available. You just might find one that catches your eye. And if we’ve missed any get in touch and let us...Read More

Budget Travel: How to Get the Best Deals

There’s nothing better in life than planning a well-deserved vacation and booking your own holiday online. Whether you’re trying to find a last-minute ticket to the nearest tropical island or you’re looking for cheap accommodation when you get there, it can be hard knowing where to purchase flights and make bookings. The internet is like an ever expanding universe when it comes to finding great travel deals. But how do you find the right sights with the best deals? That’s where we come in! Our...Read More