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Answer the Phone: Colorado is Calling

Colorado is one of the most picturesque places to visit in the great U S of A. If you’re a fan of Mother Nature, look no further than this mountainous state! From hikes to concerts to big cities and bright lights, Colorado has it all. Here are our top three picks for a stellar outdoors experience in this American gem. All you need to do is pick up your sweet Transfercar rental from Denver and go exploring! Pikes Peak America’s Mountain The best way to connect with Mother Nature during your trip to...Read More

The Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam is a breathtaking place to visit, and is a must for anyone road-tripping around the West Coast of the USA. The Dam is an incredible feat of engineering, and everyone should visit the architectural wonder at least once in their life time.  Transfer car has compiled a list of fun facts so you can wow your travel companions with impressive trivia about the dam. Prepare to get wise! 1.  The Hoover Dam was initially called the Boulder Dam, because it was originally going to be built in Boulder...Read More

Backpacking tips for the student traveler!

At last! There is a decent break between study long enough to do some travelling! What better way to see the world this holiday season than to pack a bag and head off to backpack around some astounding places? To have a good backpacking trip, it is vital that a few key things are decided before you go. So here are some great tips on how to backpack when you are a student. The Backpack You’re about to get your backpack and heft it onto your shoulder, and then stride out the door to become as free as a bird!...Read More

Budget Travel: Travel Agents Vs. Do-it-Yourself

Look, I’ve got to be honest: before writing this blog I didn’t even know people still used travel agents. Is that still a thing? With the birth of the almighty Internet and the way it has turned every go-getting tourist into their own travel agents, it’s really surprising that travel agents are still making the monies! But they are! Who knew?! They did! Read on to see which method suits your travel needs. Travel Agents: Who Are They? So, before there were sites like Kayak ( here you can find the best...Read More

Best Vacation Spots

At this time of year, with the glorious holiday season happening soon, it is time to start planning the perfect getaway; whether you are wanting a ravishing romantic weekend, or a trip away with your mates,  or a fun family foray out into the world.  Sometimes, there are so many options it is hard to know where to go. Luckily for all, Transfercar has you covered and we have found some amazing spots for you to travel to! First up on the list of awesomeness is Krabi, Thailand. This is the perfect romantic...Read More

Stay Golden: San Francisco’s Incredible Golden Gate Bridge

There aren’t many man-made structures in the world that are as iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge. This feat of engineering was constructed over a mere four years from January 5, 1933 to the date of its opening: May 28th, 1937, but the dream of spanning the massive Golden Gate Strait had been long on the minds of men in San Francisco for well over a century they say. Good on ya, boys! However, with big dreams come even bigger consequences: Eleven men died during the construction of this thirty-five million...Read More