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Fantasy Trip #1: Backpacking through Australia

The idea of backpacking through Australia is enough to get me saying: Aussie Aussie Aussie Oi! Oi! Oi! But man, this country is big. Where do you even start when planning a trip through OZ? We’ve compiled some easy steps and if you listen to us, everything’s gonna be fair dinkum. Planes, Trains and Automobiles First, if you’re not already there, buy a ticket. And then hand the rest over to us! There is no better way to see Australia on your own terms than by car but it can be expensive. With Transfercar,...Read More
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Road Tripping in The Movies

Whether there’s summer or winter knocking at your door, the open road is calling you. Can you hear it?! If you’re a little deaf, here’s a list of classic road trip movies to inspire you to get into that car and give in to your wanderlust. Road Tripping with Your Girlfriend: Bonnie and Clyde, 1967 Bonnie, you a bad girl. Sure, the sexiest outlaws in history don’t get a happy ending, but they have good fun along the way and they look great doing it. We don’t recommend any crime sprees on your romantic...Read More
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How to Pack for a Road Trip – Pack it Up, Pack it in

You’ve got your mates, maps and a sweet rental, but if you don’t pack right for your road trip, it could end up costing you. Here are some packing tips from some of our experts. Make a List You’re not an elephant, which means you’re going to forget things, important things that will ruin your life, well, maybe just your trip. So, get all Martha Stewart on your bad self and make a list of everything you’re going to need like sunglasses and sunscreen to extra undies. By planning in advance, you won’t...Read More
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Auckland Sky Tower – I believe I Can Fly!

Auckland cops a lot of flak in NZ because, well, it’s the best. No really, it is. Sure, it may not be a hipster capital (I’m looking at you, Wellington), but it’s a bustling big city that can compete with other world beauties like Vancouver or Seattle. If you’ve only a got a few days in NZ’s biggest city, then there is One Thing You Must Absolutely Do in Auckland. But it’s a secret, sooo, this is awkward…. Ok, fine, I’ll tell you. It’s the Sky Tower. You’ve got to do the Auckland Sky...Read More

Things to do in Melbourne

The world’s Most Liveable City has quite the reputation to live up to, but Melbourne delivers on all of the expectations placed upon her. Voila a short list of the Things You Must Do or Die in Melbourne. They’re very easy, don’t be scared… First things first, you’ve just driven miles to get here so you probably need a COFFEE. If you don’t like coffee, then just leave now, because Melbourne is basically the Coffee Capital of Australia. It’s a city built on café culture, like her great European...Read More