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Transfercar is working hard to make a new website that's going to completely change the way you look at rental cars. Leave us your email below, and we'll notify you the minute we open the doors.

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Free campervan hireWhat is Transfercar?

Transfercar is a website that enables rental car companies to reduce costs, while offering a way for travellers to travel for free. Here you can search for free rental cars and RV's from the majority of U.S. rental car companies. In return you will be helping the rental companies reduce their freight costs and reducing the number of trucks on the road.



Piggy bank
How can the rental cars be free?

Rental car companies are spending large amounts of money on relocating cars between their branches, in order to position their fleet for new hires. They can either use expensive trucks or trains or they can let you drive it for free. The rental operators win, you win. 



the key to your relocation carWho can become a relocation driver?

We are constantly looking for more relocation drivers. Families, students, backpackers, event-goers, seniors or other travellers are all welcome. All that is required is that you are over 18 and have a full driving license valid in the United States. 



Free rental cars and RVs launching soon

When will the service be available?

Transfercar is launching in the United States in April 2014.  To begin with we will focus on LA, San Francisco and Las Vegas on the West coast, and New York/New Jersey to Orlando on the East coast. Sign up to be notified when we go live using the form above.



Save money on fleet relocation cost and increase your revenueHow can my rental car company save money?

Are you representing a rental car company and looking for ways to save money on relocating your vehicle fleet? Transfercar is designed to  be a cost-saving service for rental operators.  Please contact us on [email protected] for more information about how we can work for you.

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