Hertz Launches New Branding Campaign

The Hertz Corporation unveiled this week a global, multi-faceted branding initiative designed to cultivate a dialogue with customers by focusing on customers’ driving experiences. Built around the question “Are You The Gas or The Brake,” — focusing on the universal element of how people operate as either the Gas (more aggressive, exciting, adventurous) or the Brake (conservative, reserved, more of a planner) — the campaign acknowledges the wide range of “travel personalities” and serves as a platform to address the different wants, needs and aspirations of customers. Hertz will use the platform to illustrate the flexibility provided by its products and services and its ability to fulfill a variety of travel preferences. The campaign debuts this week, with the launch of a “Getaway Giveaway” sweepstakes and contest, a multi-million dollar advertising campaign, and an online consumer engagement platform. The first television ads are scheduled to appear on May 4.

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