About Transfercar

Transfercar is a vehicle relocation service that enables rental car companies to drastically reduce costs in freight services, while offering a way for budget conscious travellers to travel for free. As the market leader in Australia and New Zealand, Transfercar currently has 120 rental car companies as customers, and over 100,000 happy drivers of free rental cars. We launched in the US in August 2014 and in Canada in September 2016.

For drivers:

Transfercar is great for anyone who needs to get from A to B for free. Whether you need to travel for business or pleasure, taking advantage of one of our free rental cars or RVs is a very simple process...

As a driver, you just register an account with us and log in. You then search for the car or campervan suitable to your needs and submit a request. We then contact the rental operator straight away. They will get in touch with you personally to organise the relocation and pick up details and you're good to go.  

For rental car companies:

As a relocation service we understand your constant need to move stranded vehicles between your branches, but the only option available to you until now has been costly transportation with carrier trucks and trains.  With Transfercar, you save money by letting us organise the transportation for you.

As a rental car company, you just need to register with us as a supplier. Contact us at [email protected] to get started today.