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Local Denver secrets and how to get a free rental car with


Local Denver secrets and how to get a free rental car with


Thinking about Denver would have the majority of people picture the magnificent Rocky Mountains that hover in its landscape, as the city is a popular jump-off point for nearby ski resorts situated in the Rockies. However, Denver is so much more than that.

Dating back to the old West era of exploration and colonization, Denver was founded in 1858 by William Larimer, Jr. a Kansas state senator, American settler, and land developer. Since its early years as a small settlement, the city of Denver has experienced a boom in multiculturalism and industrial expansion as well, hosting today a stunning array of sightseeing opportunities for every traveler’s preferences.

From botanic gardens and the Denver Zoo in the city center to the military air force base on the outskirts of its neighboring municipality of Aurora, Denver is a multicultural hub for young tourists looking for a wonderful and exciting time as well as older travelers in search of unique experiences.

The city is home to numerous artisan shops, leisure night bars, clubs with a vibrant nightlife and art scene, accompanied by a true national love for sports represented by the Mile High Stadium, which all makes it a true gem of the American West, and Transfercar’s free rental cars and R.V.s will help you experience all the top things to do and see in Denver. 


Adeptly named the Mile High City because of its elevation, Denver is situated between numerous bordering municipalities and cities such as Thornton to the north, Lakewood to the west, Englewood to the south and Aurora to the east, among numerous other municipalities. These cities together form the North Central Colorado Urban Area, more than 2,5 million people strong, with the city of Denver inhabited by roughly 600 thousand people.  

More than 78 official neighborhoods are a part of this vibrant city, and the character of each neighborhood varies significantly from the other. The diverse specter of neighborhoods includes diverse architectural solutions as well, from large skyscrapers to houses from the late 19th century to modern, suburban-style developments. Naturally, the central neighborhoods gravitating towards the Colorado State Capitol and the History Center are more densely organized and populated, containing more brick building material and 19th century architecture.


Downtown and Central Denver

There is no shortage of sightseeing, historical, natural and cultural experiences in the city of Denver, with the most prominent sites you can’t miss located in the center:

LoDo: One of the oldest settlements of the city of Denver is the lower downtown area called LoDo, where you will have the chance to enjoy some of the oldest architectural examples in the city and revel in the beauty of Commons and Confluence parks, situated on the South Platte River. Be sure to visit the Museum of Contemporary art and the renowned Union Station where dinning, shopping and sightseeing is a must.

Capitol Hill: The neighborhood is home to the Colorado State Capitol and the Saint Johnson’s Cathedral, which are both a must-see for travel enthusiasts. You will also have the chance to visit the Molly Brown House Museum where the legacy of one of the few Titanic survivors is laid out.

City Park: A true delight for nature enthusiasts, City Park is quite entirely, a park. Hosting numerous nature exhibits and guided tours, you will also have the chance to visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and even unwind at the gorgeous Ferril Lake.

Civic Center: Home to the Civic Center Park and the Denver police museum, Civic Center is a dense urban area with a rich and vast cultural heritage. You can visit the Denver Art Museum and the Museum of Fine and Decorative Art as well in this 19th century district.

As you can see, Denver has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and cultural experiences, so why not grab a free transfer car to easily reach any destination and make your stay as enjoyable as possible in the Mile High City and its natural wonders.


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