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Things to do in Minneapolis

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Minneapolis, a major city in Minnesota, is a thriving metropolis renowned for its parks, lakes, breathtaking natural sceneries, and charming inner city culture that emanates positivity, equality, and peaceful coexistence. More than anything else, Minneapolis is the place to enjoy an artisan cup of coffee while gazing over the Mississippi River from the iconic Stone Arch Bridge.

Yes, this is the place to unwind, relax, and enjoy the friendly feel of a vibrant, yet stress-free city environment. Don’t be fooled into thinking that Minneapolis is a retirement city though, as it has become a true hub for tourists and travelers alike, mostly young millennials looking to experience the best cuisines, beautiful cultural landmarks and the busy city life.

With so much to explore and see, you’ll want to grab a Transfercar’s free rental car or R.V. in order to experience everything this bustling city and its surroundings have to offer.


The economic and social growth of Minneapolis can be largely attributed to its water features, mainly the great Mississippi River, which not only offers stunning views from the city’s shore, but also serves as the city’s fresh water supply.

Renowned for its many parks, lakes, and beautifully integrated architecture, Minneapolis is a city where high-rises and skyscrapers are working alongside nature in delivering the perfect city experience – it’s clean, it’s vibrant, and it’s deeply connected to the surrounding greenery.

Getting around is quick and easy, and you should have no problem making your way through the intricate streets with the help of a digital map. While you want to use your rental car to reach destinations fast, be sure to walk your way through the beautiful neighborhoods as well.


Downtown and central Minneapolis

  • Uptown: centered around the Uptown Theater, this thriving neighborhood is a popular commercial district boasting shops, bars, nightclubs, and it’s a place where young people like to live, and come for an amazing time. Overlooking the Lake of the Isles and Lake Calhoun, Uptown is also a place to enjoy beautiful natural sceneries and spend your leisure time in parks overlooking the calm waters.

  • North Loop: this neighborhood is the heart and soul of Minneapolis, a place praised for its innovative restaurants, hipster culture, its thriving start-up vibe, and vibrant nightlife. Also known as the Warehouse District, the converted warehouses from the 19th and 20th centuries now host an array of creative indie shops, restaurants, craft bars, and more. Be sure to visit the Minneapolis Farmers Market as well.

  • Dinkytown: across the Mississippi River, another thriving commercial district await, although with its own unique vibe. Dinkytown has a commercial, but also a residential vibe, and if you’re looking to party with some college students, this is the place to be. The neighborhood is home to Minnesota university students and thus boasts an array of social and nightlife opportunities.

No matter the purpose of your visit, or your expectations, Minneapolis will not disappoint you. This thriving city has something to offer to every traveler, so be sure to take advantage of Transfercar’s free rental cars and R.V.s in order to experience everything Minneapolis has to offer.