Toyota Prius proves a gas guzzler in a race with the BMW 520d

The Toyota Hybrid is hailed as an eco-paragon. It is a very responsible car and classified by the US government as the “most fuel-efficient car sold in the US” discover more  features about this car below.

Celebs like Cameron Diaz and Leonardo DiCaprio drive it. Not because it is a typical jet-set car, not because it is pretty or the flashest set of wheels around. No, you drive this car because you make a statement with this car: Your conscientious and aspiring a better way of life.

The New Zealand bound ‘green’ traveller rents a Hybrid. Because is the right car to rent when you’re environment friendly. It is the right car for your budget too. The rental companies confrim you’re doing -again- the right thing: “…fuel efficient Hybrid” “…eco friendly green car…” “…saving on fuel costs..” “…minimising the impact of car travel on the environment..”.

And with New Zealand’s green and clean image, surely you are not going to rent or buy anything other than nature’s friend, the Hybrid? And, if relocating rental cars, you sure as hell are not going to relocate any car but a Hybrid car. Right?

Right. So, bearing all this in mind, how would a responsible eco and budget friendly car like this fare against a big bad polluting BMW?

Let’s find out.

Last Sunday Top Gear screened on Prime. And in this episode the Top Gear Team drove a Toyota Prius and a BMW 3 series around the track. The outcome was…different.

In March this year two correspondents from the English newspaper The Sunday Times took the Toyota Prius and a BMW 520d for a spin. Not a lap around the track like in Top Gear, but an 877 k’s spin to Geneva.

The result is, to say the least, interesting.

Toyota Prius versus BMW 520d

The moral of the story? It’s not what you drive; it’s how you drive it. So, if I was that ‘green’ traveller looking for a responsable way of cruising New Zealand, I’d be renting (or relocating!) the biggest baddest BMW that I can get my hands on. That’s all-‘right’ for me.

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