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Jerome Luepkes is a Berlin-based business consultant and travel writer.

For most people, travel is about seeing new places, experiencing new things and meeting new people. Apart from the fact that travel can take time and cost money, there is also a small matter of what to take with you when you set out on your next expedition.

I believe that travellers can improve their overall experience by simply learning what to do without, and only taking those things which are essential for a safe and healthy trip.

Here’s a list of the top 10 things to take on the road:

1.- A proper suitcase and an extra one
It seems even too basic to put the suitcase at the top of the list of things to bring to your trips that you should not forget, but this is no-nonsense.
Of course you will carry a suitcase or a backpack. make sure that complies with the rules of the means of transport that you are going to use. Remember that airlines are very strict about it.
And always put an extra bag in your luggage. Now you can buy cheap folding backpacks that take up very little space. They will serve you for the return trip. When you realize that you have bought so many souvenirs that you can’t actually take them back home with you. Really, this is a tip that you will thank almost every time you travel.

2.- Clothes. Make an independent list for them
When you pack your suitcase and get to the clothing section, forget the famous “just in case”. Carry the essential. In fact, that’s what we’re talking about, the essential things to bring to your trips. If you are a luxury traveller, you can afford to include as many extra garments as you wish. If not, remember that public laundries are conquering the planet and there is one in every other corner. This will allow you to wash your clothes in the middle of the trip. Which means half the weight. One thing you should not miss is spare underwear. Extra tip: pack old underwear that you can get rid of. This way you will gain room in the suitcase along the way.

3.- Footwear
The footwear is one of those elements difficult to put in the suitcase. The best thing to get out of this little bump is to choose a type of footwear that fits all occasions. If you travel in summer, wear comfortable sandals. Many sports stores sell open footwear designed to walk for hours. If you travel in winter, wear breathable boots. They will serve you for rainy days and for the rest. Put some flip-flops on if you go to the beach, or to a spa. They do not take up much space and can save your day.

4.- Pyjamas
Is the pyjama one of those essential things to bring to your trips? Without a doubt it is. Put a light one in the suitcase. If you have booked hotels with shared bathroom you will need it. Besides, it is most likely that nothing happens during the trip, but what if there is an emergency and you must leave your room in the middle of the night? Better sleep with pyjamas.

5.- Hat and sunglasses
Caps, Hats and sunglasses are necessary at all times of the year. This is evident in summer, but we usually forget them in winter. That’s why we add them to this list of essential things to bring to your trips. The light of the clear days of winter is as annoying as in summer. And a hat will keep you warm in the coldest months. You will travel more comfortable if you carry both in your suitcase.

6.- Towel and toiletries
You never know what the hotels you visit will be like. A microfiber towel can save you from bad hotel management and does not take up much space. Always travel with one. The same applies to toiletries. Do not trust complimentary ones. Just in case.

7.- Sewing kit
We are talking about essential things to bring to your trips, so keep the kit small. Scissors, thread, needle and maybe a couple of buttons will be enough. They may not let you carry your suitcase in the cabin, but it will be worth it. Especially if you travel to a place with not many shops. The buttons tend to undo at the worst moment and the same happens with zippers.

8.- Firs aid kit
Bandages, cotton, a couple of gauzes and some type of antiseptic will serve to heal a small wound. If you walk a lot, you will see that the chafing of the shoes is your worst enemies during a trip. That is why we stress the need to carry bandages.

9.- Medicines
Check if the country you are travelling to allows you to enter medications in your restaurants, your health supplements are also a must and you can add natural appetite suppressants to avoid cravings, you can read about them in the Phenq reviews real. If so, always take with you analgesics, anti-dizziness pills, laxatives and antidiarrheals. If you have any specific disease do not leave the treatment at home! And make sure not to ignore the vaccines that are mandatory requirements to travel to your destination.

10.- Documentation
Passport, ID, driver’s license, visas … Make a list of all the documentation you need during the trip and make sure you take it in a safe but accessible place. You will need it.

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