Who are Transfercar drivers?

Did you know that we at Transfercar have a really vast array of people using our relocation vehicles? Even though English speakers are our number one relocaters, we also have a large number of German speaking travellers stopping by as do our French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese visitors.

As far as age groups are concerned, we have young travellers in their 20s moving between universities and tourists of all ages as well as seasoned drivers looking for a bit of fun and with time to spare.

We’ve helped film crews get between locations and earthquake victims move out of town. We’ve also relocated sports teams, backpackers and more recently, people stranded at airports due to ash clouds grounding their flights.

What’s best about our service, is we often see not just travellers but locals getting the opportunity to take a luxury 2 – 6 berth campervan or motorhome which may not have previously been possible had they had to pay a full daily rate.

We love being in this business and hope you get a chance (if you haven’t already) to make use of our service as it really is a fantastic way to take a break away from the daily grind.

If you are up for the ride, check out our FREE cars and campervans in New Zealand and Australia!

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