AAA picks 10 best new vehicle technologies, thinks green

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It’s no secret that automobiles get more technologically advanced every passing year. A good deal of these vehicular innovations have a lot to do with saving gas, reducing emissions, and, more recently, teaching the driver to pilot the vehicle in a more efficient manner. If you feel like you need help in choosing which bits of techno-geekery are the best, AAA has just created a list specifically for you.

Included in AAA’s top 10 tech picks are solar roof panels and “green” driving assistance aids. Rooftop solar panels are pretty self-explanatory and can help keep an vehicle’s battery charged up or help keep the cabin cool in the hot sun. The 2010 Toyota Prius is probably the best-known example of this technology. So, what’s a green driving aid?

Honda’s new 2010 Insight hybrid uses what the automaker calls an Eco Assist dashboard that changes colors from green to blue to teach the driver to be more efficient. Ford uses something similar in the 2010 Fusion Hybrid called the SmartGauge cluster, which uses dual 4.3-inch LCDs and a graphic that shows leaves growing on a tree when you are driving efficiently. We tend to like them, but whether or not these are desirable features is definitely up to each individual driver.

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