What do Transfercar’s free 2 berth 4WD campervans look like?

4WD campervan in AustraliaSo our last blog explained the general layout of the free 2 berth high and low-top campervan rentals on Transfercar New Zealand and Australia. Now we look at the 2 berth 4WD campers that are often found travelling to, from and along the Australian outback.

Before we take a look, here are a couple of things to note:

  • Pretty much 90% of 2 berth campervans (4WDs or otherwise) will not support children under 8 years old or who are unable to legally sit in a belted seat by themselves.
  • Fuel consumption on four wheel drives can be higher than regular cars and campervans as many have 6 – 8 cylinder motors in them.
  • They are also pretty much all manual vehicles.

Here are a couple of examples of the 4WD campervans on offer:

The Britz Challenger 2 berth 4WD campervan is a Toyota Troop Carrier, 5 speed manual V8, using approximately 12 litres of petrol per 100 kms driven.

Similar to the Kea 4WD Deluxe Pop Top and Apollo Trailfinder, it is made for outback travel and comfortably sleeps two adults in the large double bed in the ventilated pop-top roof.  It

Apollo 2 berth 4wd poptop campervan

also has a single bed down below and comes with all cooking and sleeping facilities.

The Challenger comes with a fridge, sink, gas stove and gas bottle and other general equipment such as hangers, first aid kit and cleaning items.

You can also find Apollo’s Adventure and Outback 2 berth 4WD campers on the skids of Australia, being also pop top but slightly bigger with the double bed extending over the roof of the cab.  Fuel consumption is a bit higher though, clocking in at around 14 litres per 100 kms driven.

Like the pop tops, hard top or high top 4WD campervans come in a few variations.

Boomerang Camper Rentals offer the Toyota Landcruiser Bushcamper and like most 4WDs it is a manual 5 speed using around 13 -14 litres of petrol per 100 kms driven.

Similar to the Britz Bushcamper (which sleeps 3 people), these 4x4s have all the extras such as a gas stove, fridge, water container, solar shower and all cooking and sleeping equipment.

Boomerang 2 berth 4wdThere are some other variations such as the Boomerang Camper Rooftent 4WD, among others, which have a variation of tents that pop up on the roof of the vehicle.

Basically though, all of these vehicles will go just about anywhere. However be careful as many rental operators have restrictions in their terms and conditions that will affect where you can drive. Final note: read the small print carefully!

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