How to make a great travel journal

If you are a traveller like me and plan to continue traipsing around the world in your free rentals, then you are likely to have loads of little reminders of your journeys. Little things such as tickets to shows, a bus pass or an entry to visit some iconic artifact or concert line your travel bags, draws or hand bag well after the journey is complete.

Even though you have photos galore to back the stories, these little items are tangible reminders of epic life journeys that will eventually get lost, torn or destroyed. I wish I had made more of an effort to keep all these reminders in some order as I travelled, but I didn’t. So with that in mind, this little blog is to help anyone else out there with the same dilemma:

Here are a few tips I have found floating around that will help get you started:

Be prepared

Always have extra pens, blue-tack, paperclips, an eraser, envelops for putting things in until you are ready and any other things you think you may need.

The journal

Think about the type of journal you need. If it is going to contain all sorts of bits and pieces then it will need to be expandable in some way. Meaning to have rings as a binder is best as it will then close better and stay tidy.


Set yourself a 10 minute block of time each day to write. This will keep you focused and regular and you will then remember some of the littler details of the day that you may otherwise forget. Also, remember to date the page!


Before you go out, it may also help to have some questions to ask yourself. You can also have a small notebook with these in and can jot down some notes as you go.


Apart from everything you do, be ready to ask special people you meet to write a little note in the journal. This is a personal reminder that you will be glad you made the effort to get.

I am sure there are many other tips you can find out there but with these you can at least get a good start!

Happy travels!

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