New and improved free rental relocation information on Transfercar!

Whether you are new to Transfercar’s free car rental service or are a frequent voyager on the relocation scene, there are some new features on the website that you need to know about, that will make your relocation request process and journey easier.

A new look and feel will be launched soon, however in the meantime let’s look at the new features:

On the home page and main page of listings:

There are now two new columns: “Days available” and “Qty” or “Quantity”

Days available = How many free days are being offered between the dates on the listing details and also how many (if any) additional days being offered that can be purchased on top of the free days offered.

Once the “Drive it free” button is selected, a new page opens with all the vehicle and journey details outlined. What’s new here?

Opening hours: Rental operators can now specify the opening and closing hours of the branches. If nothing is written then you must stay within the operating hours of 9am and 4.30 pm unless otherwise specified.

Earliest and latest pickup and drop off time: Regardless of branch hours, some rental operators only allow relocations to be picked up and dropped off within certain hours. This is where those details will be specified.

Image of vehicle: The rental operator can now add an image of their vehicle while other still use our generic images. Our generic images are not exact replicas of what you may get so don’t base your request on this. If there is an image supplied then read the comments carefully as you may find it will be similar but not exactly this vehicle.

Vehicle details: Car type, transmission, capacity, fuel type and storage are also features of the new service (if the rental operators have used this).

The date picker: Above the date picker you can see how many free days are left. This number takes into account the dates on the listing details and how many free and paid days are offered. So if 6 free days are being offered between the 18th and 30 November, just select the date you wish to depart and the date picker will fill in the rest of the days for you. If you then want to return the vehicle earlier, select the date you wish to drop the vehicle off and it will uncheck the next day selected. If additional paid days are offered, you will have the ability to select those also.

Pickup and Drop off times: Select the times you would like to pick up and drop off the vehicle but keep in mind, both the operating and earliest and latest times mentioned in the details.

About the rental operator:

Response rate: Indicates how many requests the rental operator responds to in time.

Response time: The average time it takes for the rental operator to respond to your request. Note however that over the weekend some rental operators will not be able to respond until the following work day.

Last Login: Indicates the last time the rental operator have checked their requests.

Reference details:

TCID: The unique identifier for the vehicle. When submitting a question to the support team, please mention this TCID number so they can respond quickly to your questions.

Listed date: The date the relocation was listed.

Listing status: Well…the status of the listing at that time J

Things to note:

Requests can take up to 48 hours to be responded to (also much quicker though), and although you can cancel within 48 hours from pickup, we prefer you didn’t for a number of reasons, including that it will make it harder for you in future to request a vehicle.

There are more changes and knew ones to come, but for now this will get you started!

Happy free travelling!

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