Transfercar featured in Road Trip article

We love it when journalists discover the wonderful world of Transfercar and this week Richard Meadows

How to score a cheap road trip

from Fairfax New Zealand wrote about How to Score A Cheap Road Trip.

Back in August, surveyor Taryn Martin and a couple of mates took off in a hired van for a wee road trip around the West Coast.

They jumped out of planes in Queenstown, hiked up Fox Glacier, and toasted marshmallows at the Cardrona Pub.

“It was wicked,” says Martin.

How much did Jucy charge the band of adventurers to hire an eight-seater people mover? A grand total of $3.

After explaining why rental relocations are needed (especially in countries like NZ where tourists tend to take similar pathways around the country), Richard discusses mileage allowances, petrol allowance and buying extra days.

The freebies don’t end with the hire itself. 

Transfercar says most vehicles come with a free ferry ticket if you’re crossing the Cook Strait, as well as insurance.

To top it all off, you can often even score a tank of free petrol.

When you’re driving an enormous, gas-guzzling motorhome in particular, that can be an enormous saving.

It was good to read the interview with Avis New Zealand’s managing director Kathryn O’Neil – as she says “Really our major concern is getting the vehicles back to where they need to be.”

And of course, that’s why we started Transfercar – to give you access to great vehicles and to give the rental car companies an alternative way to relocate their cars.

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