Travel Apps: Making Travel Easy-Peasy

With Smart Phones and iPhones basically running the world, they make everything seem easier, even the complications of planning and booking a trip. While travel agents and DIY travel sites are still excellent and aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, we think it’s time to turn to our phones to check out what travel apps can do for you and your holiday. Have a look at some of the trending travel apps available. You just might find one that catches your eye. And if we’ve missed any get in touch and let us know which ones you prefer to use and we’ll add them to our next list. Promise!

This sneaky app helps you check out the paths of heaps of international flights with detailed info on departure gates, delays and even pesky cancellations. If you’re looking forward to someone’s impending arrival, and you want to be there on time, this is the app for you.

You know how weathermen always get it wrong? Well, with this intuitive app offering weather reports for over two million geographical locations, you’ll never be underprepared again! This app is so accurate that it can basically tell the future of weather. Get it and get it now.

JetLag Genie
How many remedies do you have up your sleeve for jetlag? Well guess what, smarty-pants? They don’t work! What does work is gradually altering your sleeping habits before your trip and this app will help you do that. Simply input your destination, dates and sleep schedule and it will create personalized alarm clocks to set your internal clock straight.

XE Currency
It’s all about the bling bling. This free app is the user friendly and it uses live currency rates making it super accurate. FYI: it’s been downloaded over 5 MILLION TIMES, so everyone you know already has it! Get it together!

Packing Pro
Yes, some people need packing help to this extent and yes there is an app for to help them. Just tell the app where you’re going and for how long and who with and it tells you what you need to bring in list form that you can tick off as you pack. Amazing.

Ugh. Data roaming charges can be a kill buzz for any trip, and I know this first hand. With Onavo the amount of data required to perform everyday tasks is drastically decreased, so it won’t cost you an arm or a leg retrieving emails and posting selfies to Facebook. Can I tell you how it does this? No, no I can’t, but does it matter when it’s saving you money and doesn’t cost anything?!

Perfect World Clock
In a perfect world this clock would run it, but because the world is flawed, we turn to this app to access the time in hundreds of different cities the world over. Is it revolutionary? Not really, but you won’t be calling your mom and dad at 3am anymore so there’s that. Keep time zones at the touch of a screen by adding several clocks as home-screen savers.

TravelSafe Pro
This app is basically your lifesaver. A database of emergency service numbers for every country you’d want to visit, and a few you wouldn’t! And if you’re prone to losing stuff, and your mind in the process, there are embassy details if you “misplace” your passport.

If you have a personal assistant, then I hate you, I mean, fire them this instant because all you need is this app, and this app is all you need. Just forward your various confirmation emails for flights/hotels/hire cars/restaurant bookings etc. to [email protected] and the app generates an itemized itinerary. And it’s free. FREE.

This is where GPS navigation meets social networking. Just tap in your destination, or use the nifty speech recognition option if you’ve got busy hands, and other users submit traffic reports ensuring you the quickest route!

This free app gives you the public transport information of over 68 of the world’s biggest, busiest metropolitan centers. So if you’re looking for the best Metro routes in Paris or you’re just looking to catch a bus in downtown Montreal, this app will give you a stop-by-stop itinerary making it less likely to get lost.

Pin Drop
There are two kinds of travelers: the psycho over-planners who devour all the guidebooks and those who just off and enjoy the spontaneity of travel on the fly. If you subscribe to the latter, this app is for you. It allows you to drop GPS pins onto a map when you come across something interesting, or browse user-made lists recommending the best places for shopping, dining and sleeping in town.

Foodies rejoice! This app responds to your every gastronomic whim by giving you user-generated recommendations for the local area you’re travelling in. So if you’re in downtown Kiev looking for the best pierogies, have a scroll through Foodspotting and you’ll be on your way to cheesey-potatoey heaven in no time. And it’s free!

Better Translator Pro
Say hello to the highest rated translation app on Android. This app has more than 50 languages in text-to-text mode, and an impressive 11 that operate with the voice recognition feature. Who needs phrasebooks with apps like this?! Don’t expect immediate fluency, and learning a language while travelling is always a better choice, but this app is at least a start in finding your feet in countries where English isn’t center stage.

I could go on and on as there are so many great travel apps out there these days, but you’ve got work to do exploring the list we have here. When you’re travelling in the States, Australia or New Zealand with your free Transfercar rental, these apps can give you a head-start on the trip of your dreams. With most of the best ones available for nothing, it just goes to show that the best things in life truly are free. Register with us today.

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