How to Take A College Cross-Country Road Trip on a Budget

Many students feel as though they just can’t take a road trip during their downtime. When they’re on such a tight budget, how on earth can they afford to travel? It’s easier than you’d think. With a little planning and a good budget, you can do it. Here’s the best tips to help you take that road trip without breaking the bank.

Pick Cheaper Places to Stay

Picking good places to stay on your trip can save you a huge bundle in cash. The best and cheapest options are camp sites, when you find them on your way. They can usually offer you a spot to sleep for about $20-30, where a hotel may cost you around $150 a night. That’s a big saving. If there’s no camp sites, you can still save some cash on your sleeping arrangements. Look for hotels that offer a free breakfast with your room. That can save you a decent amount of money on food.

Pool Your Money

On a road trip, you’re going to be paying mostly for gas, accommodation, and food. The best way to deal with these expenses is to pool all your money for these things together with your friends. “This means you have the cash ready when you need it, and that no one will be paying out more than anyone else. It also means you have the money ready and waiting for you before you even set off on the road trip, so you’re safe in the knowledge you’ve got it at the ready” – says Mary Montgomery, a Travel Writer at Big Assignments.

Avoid Buying Souvenirs

Everyone wants souvenirs, it’s understandable. On a road trip though, you’re just not going to have the room for them. As well as this, they can get expensive, quickly. Make a decision not to buy anything while you’re on your trip, to save cash. If you must have something, items like fridge magnets and postcards can be cheap, and you can store a lot of them in a care easily. As well as this, you could pick items from the areas you visit, such as rocks and seashells, for free.



Take Pictures Everywhere

You may not be able to pick up souvenirs, but you can take pictures for free. With almost everyone having a smartphone these days, you’ll already have a camera in your back pocket. Use the camera to take pictures wherever you go, and capture the memories. It’ll cost you nothing, but you’ll be glad you did.

Load Up On In Car Entertainment

Mercedes Rivera, a Traveler and a blogger at Assignment help explains: “In this digital age, you can find plenty of in car entertainment to keep everyone happy. Before you go, look into downloading as many songs, podcasts, and audiobooks as you can.” These can all keep you entertained on those long stretches of road where nothing seems to happen. If your passengers can watch a screen without feeling ill, an iPad with movies loaded onto it can also be a lifesaver. A lot of this can be free, so take advantage of it.

Travel Light

Travelling by car means that you’ll be sharing a very small space for quite a long period of time. This means that you really should pack light. Some seasoned road trippers recommend allowing each passenger a school sized backpack, a pillow, and a blanket each. This saves you a lot of space in your car. As your car will be lighter, it also means that you’ll use less gas. Keep the room in your car for the people, not the stuff they’re bringing along.



Take Advantage of Free Activities

Take a look at what’s happening on your route as you drive along. There’s always free activities happening, so make it a point to stop and check it out. “There’s no better feeling than catching a free or cheap show, and it means that you’ll be seeing stuff off the tourist track. Start looking online now before you go, and create a plan for your route so you all know what you want to see” – comments William McPhail, a Travel journalist at Best Australian Writers.

These tips will help you save a ton of cash on your trip, so take advantage of them on your journey. You’ll be amazed at how cheaply you can take a road trip!



“Gloria Kopp is a travel writer and editor at Essayroo. She is a column writer at Huffingtonpost and Australian Help blogs. Gloria is an author of Revieweal reviews writing blog for students.”

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