Fancy a camel ride in Australia?

About to take a vacation in Australia? Riding camels on the bucket list?  Then you’re in luck! The world famous Cable Beach in Broome, Kimberley, Western Australia, is a natural paradise offering sun, surf and yes camels!

Broome Camel Safaris offer some great tours starting from a 40 minute ride to a 1 hour sunset tour along the pristine coastline.

Led by the renowned “Camel Lady” Alison bird, who has been trecking alone in the Australian Outback with her beloved camels for over 7 years, riders get a unique, up close and personal experience with well cared for camels in an unspoiled part of Australia.

Introduced into Australia last century to be used in the Western Australian goldfields, camels (Camelus dromedarius) are gentle creatures well adapted to their desert environment.

Their coat acts as an insulating layer in winter and reflects radiant heat in summer. They have a tough skin able to withstand thorns and spinifex and a padded foot adapted for movement on sand and gibber plains as well as insulating the animals from the hot earth. They have hard pads on the brisket, knees and elbows to protect them when they kneel.

With exceptionally good eyesight and sense of smell they are great travel companions in hot, dry desert conditions and are perfect for navigating the sandy beaches of Western Australia.

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