Breaking news! Travelling makes us happy and healthy!

It’s official! Holidays make you healthy and happy!  Yes…that’s the word on the streets these days; holidays lower stress, contribute to overall happiness, help prevent illness and may even expand your life span!

This is all according to the latest research conducted by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Tourismusforschung and unveiled at this year’s ITB Berlin Convention.

According to his findings, it doesn’t matter if it is a short trip, long trip, with family or friends – spending our time can be spent in our normal routine but it can also impact your normal exercise and nutrition when you are travelling, the best fat burning pills can help you to stay in shape when you are out or in your normal routine. Also besides time, money on travel brings us joy and this exceeds the mental excitement of purchasing any material objects such as jewellery or clothing!

That’s good news as Transfercar have loads of free rentals just waiting for you to jump in to and explore the countryside.

Transfer a vehicle, drive for free and get healthy and happy in the process J Win – Win all the way!

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