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Transfercar crew on awesome US road trip!

After our successful attendance at Collision conference in Las Vegas earlier this month, we decided to get back to San Francisco by transferring an RV. Why fly when you can take a bit of time to check out the fantastic scenery that’s offered in this part of the world? We booked the free rental RV on Transfercar using my personal account and we therefore acted as a mystery client. The whole transfer process was very smooth, so this reiterated to me what a great service we offer! You just have to...Read More

The world’s most luxurious supervans!

You don’t like being on the water, but you want to live that superyacht lifestyle? Get a luxurious supervan! Our favourite supervan has to be the amazing eleMMent Palazzo mobile home. This visual feast of extravaganza and luxury is actually of German craftsmanship, so made to last! The Palazzo features two floors of entertainment with a giant master suite, multiple bars and a liftable “flybridge” lounge up top.  You can even extend a slide-out, increasing interior space by 80% when not...Read More

Transfercar a hit at Collision Conference in Vegas

3 men in their 30s spending 3 days in Las Vegas; Sounds like trouble? Fear not, I’m happy to tell you what happened in Sin City. We were three members of the Transfercar team, Espen, the co-founder and CTO, Christian, our creative mentor and myself, the CMO, attending the Collision Conference,  a burgeoning confluence of startups, investors, influencers, and next-gen business and technology leaders that has been referred to as being “Davos for geeks.” Our goal was to meet with potential...Read More

From forest to desert: Two State Parks that you should not miss!

We have all heard about the mighty National Parks that dot our glorious nation:  Yosemite, Yellowstone and Death Valley are examples of world-famous natural reserves. Our fabulous State Parks don’t get as much publicity. Did you know that we have 8,000 state parks in the USA? Together they receive more than 720 million visitors per year… Not famous, perhaps, but very popular! If you’re relocating one of the cars and RVs available on Transfercar, you should take the time to visit at least...Read More

Road Trippin’ Route 66

Route 66 has long been deemed the ultimate all American road trip. The 2400-mile ‘Glory Road’ spans America from Los Angeles to Chicago and has inspired many authors, songwriters and directors, capturing the imagination of many. Though officially decommissioned in 1984, due to new and faster routes, it has been forever ingrained in history as one of the greatest routes of all time. Its rich history and breathtaking country vistas make this route ever popular with nostalgic travellers. If you’re looking...Read More

The Pacific Coast Highway: The Road Trip of Your Dreams

So you’ve gone and read some Jack Kerouac and now you want to pull your own Dharma Bum trip on the Pacific Coast Highway?! We don’t blame you! One of the most travelled routes in the great US of A; the Pacific Coast Highway is a hair-raising, cliff-hugging, stomach-churning 123 mile road along the central Cali coast that takes about five hours to drive. This All-American road is almost as iconic as baseball or apple pie, and it’s worth a trip if you’re looking for a memorable road trip. Start Your...Read More