From forest to desert: Two State Parks that you should not miss!

We have all heard about the mighty National Parks that dot our glorious nation:  Yosemite, Yellowstone and Death Valley are examples of world-famous natural reserves. Our fabulous State Parks don’t get as much publicity. Did you know that we have 8,000 state parks in the USA? Together they receive more than 720 million visitors per year… Not famous, perhaps, but very popular!

If you’re relocating one of the cars and RVs available on Transfercar, you should take the time to visit at least one State Park. Here are two suggestions of places that you may not have heard about that should feature on your to-do list, especially since they are so close to Las Vegas and San Francisco.

First of all, the phenomenal Valley of Fire State Park in Nevada. The Valley of Fire is the oldest state park in Nevada, located only 50 miles from Las Vegas. The area has seriously cool geological and historical sites for you to look at, all are unique and highly interesting; from petrified trees to 3000 year old petroglyphs.  Telling anyone you are going to the Valley of Fire makes you sound awesomely daring and adventurous. However, the name actually comes from the colour of all the unbelievable rock formations, rather than any daredevil lava spouts.  The area is only six miles from the gorgeous Lake Mead where you can swim, fish and go boating.  With lots of fantastic hikes and walks, this is a brilliant place to go camping. Spring is the perfect time to go with very pleasant temperatures.

What is the exact  opposite of the desert in Nevada? It is the gigantic Californian Redwoods! Go visit Big Basin Redwoods State Park, just 1.5 hours South of San Francisco! Seeing the redwoods  is a humbling experience that will inspire you and reconnect you with nature.  The trees will fill you with an inner silence and acceptance- the perfect holiday for a back to nature retreat, maybe even a solo sojourn. You should note that if you go in spring  you will have plenty of rain so bring lots of hot chocolate, good books and prepare to just absorb the wonder around you, while you wait for the sun to shine and hikes to begin. Even in snow, this is an epic holiday, and if you do decide to make this an awesome family experience then snowball fights will be awesome with the tree trunks as natural forts. Just watch out that you don’t pelt any bears by mistakes! If you’re going in summer, you’re sure to have a great time!

 Photo from and Tigerfruit.

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