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Answer the Phone: Colorado is Calling

Colorado is one of the most picturesque places to visit in the great U S of A. If you’re a fan of Mother Nature, look no further than this mountainous state! From hikes to concerts to big cities and bright lights, Colorado has it all. Here are our top three picks for a stellar outdoors experience in this American gem. All you need to do is pick up your sweet Transfercar rental from Denver and go exploring! Pikes Peak America’s Mountain The best way to connect with Mother Nature during your trip to...Read More

Stay Golden: San Francisco’s Incredible Golden Gate Bridge

There aren’t many man-made structures in the world that are as iconic as the Golden Gate Bridge. This feat of engineering was constructed over a mere four years from January 5, 1933 to the date of its opening: May 28th, 1937, but the dream of spanning the massive Golden Gate Strait had been long on the minds of men in San Francisco for well over a century they say. Good on ya, boys! However, with big dreams come even bigger consequences: Eleven men died during the construction of this thirty-five million...Read More