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Coolest Summer Getaways Arizona Has to Offer

Summers in the Arizona desert might be difficult to handle. On the days when the sun is at its most merciless, even the most desert-hardened locals must be dreaming of a cool refuge.  Thankfully, Arizona’s geography is a lot more diverse and offers stark contrasts to the desert valley that can provide a refreshing shelter from the heat. This is our selection of Arizona’s summer getaways that will wipe the sweat off of your brow in no time. They can also serve as pointers for an awesome summer road trip...Read More

Must-See Places in California

June is the perfect time to visit, experience, and explore some of the hotter regions in the country before temperatures rise to “let’s stay inside” levels. And California, being a notoriously toasty region of the US, is just the place where you want to spend your spring exploring its breathtaking natural, and urban, scenery. The following destinations will take you across the Sunny State, so be sure to grab a free transfer car or campervan to make your trip as laid-back and smooth as...Read More

Stunning Landscapes for Midwest Fall Getaways

You can rarely hear people talking about the American Midwest the way they praise New York, Mount Rushmore or Grand Canyon. The main reason for such an unfair treatment of this cult American region lies in the fact that tourists, especially foreign ones, don’t know too much about it. Now that fall is coming and nature is preparing fireworks of colors, it’s the right time to start planning a visit to this part of the USA. Therefore, find a comfortable reading position and get familiar with the...Read More

Road Trip: The Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains are considered one of the most dramatic landscapes of the USA. This region, known for skiing in winter, is ideal for road trips during the hot summer days. Denver – Idaho Springs (33 miles) The 40-minute drive from Denver to Idaho Springs will take through some of the most beautiful parks outside Denver, a perfect introduction to the Rockies. The first stop is Centennial Cone Park with its 12-mile trail loop, leading to the majestic view of Clear Creek. If you’re lucky, you may meet...Read More

US Green Travel: Hot Spots

As the environment is becoming more vindictive than ever before, the main task of each and every one of us is to do their best and try to sooth nature by opting for green travel destinations. The USA offers hundreds of households, parks and other facilities that identify themselves as eco-friendly destinations. The main features of this type of tourism are low carbon footprint, minimal energy consumption and accommodation facilities that are in accordance with eco-friendly regulations. Bay Area One of the...Read More