Must-See Places in California

June is the perfect time to visit, experience, and explore some of the hotter regions in the country before temperatures rise to “let’s stay inside” levels. And California, being a notoriously toasty region of the US, is just the place where you want to spend your spring exploring its breathtaking natural, and urban, scenery. The following destinations will take you across the Sunny State, so be sure to grab a free transfer car or campervan to make your trip as laid-back and smooth as possible.

Beautiful Palm Springs

image1 (1)One of the most popular resorts in the world, Palm Springs, is located not a two-hour drive east of Los Angeles, offering everything from leisure and spa, to sports and entertainment all year round, but springtime is when you truly want to visit in order to escape the dreaded heat of the summer months.

Renowned for its top-of-the-class hotels, hot springs, golf courses, spas and much more, Palm Springs has something for everyone, making it a perfect family vacation destination or a romantic couple’s getaway. Be sure to take on the numerous hiking trails to San Jacino Mountain and Sky Valley while there.


Timeless San Francisco

Image2When in California, you mustn’t miss the iconic city of San Francisco and it’s numerous landmarks, sights, tastes, and of course, the unique cultural vibe that permeates every street. In fact, springtime is the perfect season for a lengthy visit, as there are fewer tourists to dodge in the streets, and the weather is just right for a whole-day exploration of the city.

The city is an art installation on its own, but if you had to choose where to go first, it should definitely be the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. After reveling in the beauty of the expansive view, you can take the famous Cable Car ride across town. Be sure to visit the California Academy of Sciences and walk all around Union Square, exploring its numerous shops and cafés.


The Roar of Yosemite Falls

image3Springtime is the perfect time for nature lovers to explore the breathtaking natural sceneries this part of the country has to offer, and Yosemite National Park is just the place to be if you are up for some hiking, river rafting, and camping. If anything, the beauty of Yosemite Falls alone is worth the visit.

This is the time of year when the Yosemite Falls put on their best show, as the high Sierra snowpack starts melting and the clashing of the Falls can be heard throughout the valley. So be sure to visit this beautiful destination before the summer crowds start pouring in.


Valley of the Oaks

This hidden gem of California located near King City between San Francisco and Los Angeles might not be as well-known as some other destinations, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less beautiful! With plenty to do and numerous sightseeing opportunities in the region, you can enjoy a beautiful spring day exploring the surrounding natural sceneries, delving into the Pfeiffer Big Sur State Park and the Pinnacles National Park. Be sure to visit King’s City as well, and stay at the quaint Mr. Hearst’s ranch house.

Watch the Shooting Stars in Death Valley

It seems that plenty of beautiful destinations grace the regions between San Francisco and Los Angeles, and the iconic Hearst Castle is definitely one of them. What’s more, this is a destination you wouldn’t want to miss on your springtime exploration of CA, as this year-round tourist destination offers special evening tours during the spring season.

This will also allow you to avoid the summer crowds and experience the beauty of the castle all lit up in the warm evening hours, with the castle staff dressing in period costumes and posing as guests – truly a beautiful all-around experience.

California is beautiful in spring, and the moderately high temperatures make it all the more appealing to pack your bags and head out on an exploration tour of a lifetime. So be sure to check out these top destinations by taking a free transfer car from location to location, making your trip as smooth and as pleasant as possible.






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