5 Top Hidden Beaches Around the Great Ocean Road

They are some world-famous beaches around the Great Ocean Road that shouldn’t be missed. Not only that there are some other beauties you must experience, such as the Twelve Apostles, the Otway Rainforest, and the beautiful beachside town of Lorne.

However, sometimes you want the chance to explore something a little bit different or unknown. We have put together some of our favourite hidden gems along the Great Ocean Road, that only the locals know about.

Milanesia Beach

Milanesia beach is a can be a little bit  difficult to reach, but it certainly worth the effort.  You need to walk 14 kilometres (8.6 miles) to reach this beautiful beach. Along the way, you pass through stunning farmlands and rugged cliffs that lead to the breath-taking views of this area. Our first time here we learnt that several dinosaur footprints were found in this area.

This hidden beach has a plethora of wildlife and wild plants to take in. It’s located near Blanket Bay, be sure to take the time to walk to Parker Inlet which is near Blanket Bay Road.

To find Milanesia Beach,  head southwest out  Lavers Hill Township. Keep an eye out for a sign indicating Milanesia beach, from the car pack you will find lots of signage all the way to the beach. Simply follow it too and discover this hidden beauty.

Parker Inlet

Parker Inlet is a unique little spot. It is where a freshwater river and a stunning bay meet. The inlet is sheltered in a hidden cove in-between Blanket Bay and Cape Otway light station. However, it can be quite a walk to it with some 300 steps.

Whenever we visited we found that it was only ever a few families and fisherman there. This means you can swim in peace as well as explore the inlet. In spring you will find the entire inlet covered in wildflowers in bloom, which are a magnificent array of colours.

Parker River is often just a shallow and easily crossed stream. However, do be careful we have seen it run high and fast following heavy rains and high tides. So make sure check the weather forecast before you head out to this beach.

Rivernook Beach

If you want to head some quiet on the Great Ocean Road then this is our top pick. It has some of the best views of the coast. This beach is also famous for fishing. So you if you enjoy throwing in a line, head to the local shop, they have a huge array of bait. We also managed to catch some for dinner at Rivernook.

If you want to head to Rivernook Beach, head east on the Old Coach Road coming from Princeton. On this road, you will an find a path the veers off of the Great Ocean Walk that will take you to this spectacular secluded beach.
Station Beach

Although the locals are certainly well aware of Station Beach, only a few travellers have what it takes to reach this beautiful beach. To get there, you’ll need to go west from Cape Otway, you will hit a marked trail that will take you there. It’s about a 90-minute walk to this secluded beach, so make sure you take some snacks with you.

When you arrive at Station Beach, you’ll be able to see Rainbow Falls and explore the many rock ledges that can be found here. You can also search for hidden treasures and simply enjoy your time away from the busier beaches along the Great Ocean Road.

If you’ve got the time for the 90-minute walk it takes to get to this hidden gem. This beautiful beach is perfect for explorers and adventurers. Here, you will find Rainbow Falls, which features incredible rock ledges. Or, you can fossick for treasures that can be discovered in this scenic location.
Urquats Bluff Beach

This is another amazing hidden set of beaches around the Great Ocean Road. It’s so off the beaten path, in fact, that you’ll want to make sure you pack a lunch as they no vendors in this area.

Halfway arriving from Fairhaven, you’ll find the picturesque Urquhart Bluff. It sits on a stretch of coastline riddled with rugged reefs, eroding bluffs and limestone cliffs. You will see the bluffs rise 20m to 50m. There is a collection of 12 inviting beaches that have a wild vibe with their impressive headlands.

The first five beaches stretch out in an endless stretch of golden sands and turquoise waters.  It can be difficult to reach however there a car park at the bluff, or you can enter via the beach access tracks at the Point Road Knight end of the shoreline.
If you plan on heading to the Great Ocean Road (which you must) you will notice how busy it gets. Now you have some local knowledge on the hidden gems you have to seek out. Some are a little more difficult than others, but trust us, it worth the effort.

Brittnay is an Aussie and one half of the The Travelling House Sitters. She lived in London for the past two years before making the move to back to Melbourne. She managed to squeeze in 21 trips to Europe & Africa in that time (including lots of cheese, wine & beaches).  Find out where will Jay & Britt will end up next by following them at The Travelling House Sitters or on Instagram @thetravellinghousesitters.

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