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Jayride Teams Up with Dunedin City Council in Carpooling Initiative

Jayride, one of New Zealand’s fastest growing car pooling initiatives has just announced it has teamed up with the Dunedin City Council to promote carpooling for the city, starting with Otago Polytechnic and Otago University. This is a fantastic start to what we hope is a growing trend amongst city councils nationwide and even better, worldwide. Carpooling, for those of you who aren’t up with the play, is a way to get from A to B fast and hassle free. At the same time you are also doing your bit...Read More

Travelling from Christchurch to Queenstown: What are my options?

Like any great travel story, you can get a varying array of travel times and distance options between locations. This journey is no different! Depending on the route you choose to take travelling between Queenstown and Christchurch can take you anything from 3 – 6 hours and can be 320 to 480 kms (or more). Whichever way you choose to go, you won’t be disappointed. From the flat rolling hills of the East Coast to the craggy wilds of the high country, this is a stunning journey best taken at a slow and...Read More

Auckland to Christchurch: What are my travel options?

Getting between Auckland and Christchurch is relatively easy. You can fly, bus, train or drive and the distance to drive between these locations is around 1050kms. However each option has its good and bad points and varies in cost. Before you decide which option you want to take, you should consider what your travel plans and budget are and weigh up the pros and cons of each alternative. I’ve done a little research and come up with the following information. Remember that the cost of travel changes during...Read More

Why relocate a vehicle with Transfercar?

Every now and then someone will say to me, “Why would anyone relocate a vehicle” and I respond by explain all the benefits of using a cheap form of transport such as Transfercar and when it is a viable option (and not) for both vehicle owners and travellers. Firstly, just to clarify: A relocation vehicle, one-way hire or standby car is a vehicle (normally a rental) that has been dropped off at a specific location and needs to be brought back to another place or depot by a specific time. Transfercar is an...Read More

Virgin, Air NZ partnership lifts off

Monday, 11 July 2011 Air New Zealand Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia have officially launched their new trans-Tasman partnership, aligning fare structures, products and services. For flights commencing 26 July, travellers can book tickets on either carrier with full code-sharing of flights across the Tasman including connecting domestic services. Read the full article tanks to e-Travel Blackboard For your free cars and campervans check out transfercar.co.nz &...Read More

Road Runner Rentals vs the Christchurch earthquake

Recently, Transfercar had the pleasure of partnering up with Randall and his team at Road Runner Rentals in Christchurch, who offer quality, easy to drive campervans and motorhomes for local and international travellers in New Zealand. I’m often on the phone with Randall, discussing new deals and relocation options for travellers and find the Roadrunner crew to be a really friendly and accommodating bunch who will always do that little bit extra for their...Read More