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Carpooling: a smart way to share the cost of your relocation

Getting a free rental car is great, isn’t it? However you’ll often have to pay for all or part of the fuel used to relocate the car, and on long journeys you may spend over $100… The smartest way to keep costs down is to share the trip with friendly passengers and split the fuel bill. A trip from Christchurch to Auckland could end up costing you only $25 if you take a free rental car and share the cost of fuel with fellow travellers. Carpooling is not very popular in New Zealand yet, however it is...Read More

Jayride Teams Up with Dunedin City Council in Carpooling Initiative

Jayride, one of New Zealand’s fastest growing car pooling initiatives has just announced it has teamed up with the Dunedin City Council to promote carpooling for the city, starting with Otago Polytechnic and Otago University. This is a fantastic start to what we hope is a growing trend amongst city councils nationwide and even better, worldwide. Carpooling, for those of you who aren’t up with the play, is a way to get from A to B fast and hassle free. At the same time you are also doing your bit to...Read More