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Campers, motorhomes, high-tops… the rental jargon explained!

Australia and New Zealand have pretty much the same kinds of campers and motorhomes as anywhere else overseas. However, depending on where you intend to travel and what you need from your relocation , it’s a good idea to know what each type of vehicle looks like and what extras they come with. Before we start, here’s a little glossary of terms or rental jargon that will help you out: Berth: for example 2 berth. The berth quantity indicates the legal number of passengers the vehicle can sleep and...Read More

Win an adventure with Transfercar

Xmas is just around the corner and we’re celebrating by giving away lots of prizes to put together for a classic Kiwi adventure experience. A total of 28 winners are drawn over the next 2 weeks, and all you need to get into the draw is to share this campaign with your friends! Register for the campaign (so we know who to give the prize to) and share the personalised link we give you with your friends. For every person that clicks your link and registers for this campaign, you get a ticket into the...Read More

Why relocate a vehicle with Transfercar?

Every now and then someone will say to me, “Why would anyone relocate a vehicle” and I respond by explain all the benefits of using a cheap form of transport such as Transfercar and when it is a viable option (and not) for both vehicle owners and travellers. Firstly, just to clarify: A relocation vehicle, one-way hire or standby car is a vehicle (normally a rental) that has been dropped off at a specific location and needs to be brought back to another place or depot by a specific time. Transfercar is an...Read More

How to Get from Cairns to Darwin

by Brooke WhyGoAustralia | August 2nd, 2011 Some of the major cities in the country of Australia are quite a feat to get to and between when not taking a plane. Cairns and Darwin are both located in the northern section of the country and are two such major cities that many would like to know how to get from one to the other. It makes sense, after all, to try and hit the two when already in the northern part of the country, a far cry from Sydney and Melbourne. Obviously, the time limited can benefit from a...Read More

Lucky Alice: The next aircraft boneyard!

Lucky Alice Springs? Not so sure if the locals feel that way. ALICE Springs has been selected to be the first aircraft “boneyard” outside the US. Functioning in the same way as  Pinal Airpark in Arizona, it will cover an area of 110ha and will house 300 planes in the Northern Territory, taking planes being decommissioned from service, that have been  stripped of all their parts like engines, electronics and wiring to be re-cycled. It will also be a place where aircrafts as big as the A380...Read More

Transfercar’s most frequently asked questions

Q: How do I register with Transfercar.co.nz & Transfercar.com.au? A: Click on the registration link on the top right hand corner of the website and fill in the details requested. An activation email will be sent to your account within a couple of minutes. If it doesn’t arrive, it may have been caught up in your spam box so check there, otherwise contact us: [email protected]. If your activation link does not work, you may already be active so try to log in using your username and password you have...Read More