Why relocate a vehicle with Transfercar?

Every now and then someone will say to me, “Why would anyone relocate a vehicle” and I respond by explain all the benefits of using a cheap form of transport such as Transfercar and when it is a viable option (and not) for both vehicle owners and travellers.

Firstly, just to clarify: A relocation vehicle, one-way hire or standby car is a vehicle (normally a rental) that has been dropped off at a specific location and needs to be brought back to another place or depot by a specific time.

Transfercar is an online vehicle relocation service that operates in both New Zealand and Australia that services this need.

We offer two main services:

Wendekreisen budget 2 berth

1) We assist rental car, campervan and motorhome companies (and private owners) with shifting their vehicles or stranded fleet between depots.

2) We offer the free (or really cheap) use of these vehicles to anyone who also needs to travel between the same specific locations.

For the vehicle owners, this service saves them potentially thousands of dollars in transportation costs as the alternative to Transfercar is expensive transportation trucks or rail services.

The driver then gets to travel in a rental vehicle (which may be anything from a little hatchback to a deluxe 6 berth motorhome) for free or at a really cheap price.

So this is all straight forward, however there are some little details that need mentioning.

Often vehicles will come with free extras such as petrol (anything from one full tank – all paid for), insurance (basic), and ferry crossings where applicable. The more extras that are offered, means the more urgent these relocations are. This also means that there is a smaller chance that additional days will be allowed however this is not a certainty, and if you also want a good life insurance you can learn about term insurance rates from AIG Direct life insurance here.

Drivers are given a certain number of days and kms to drive the vehicle between specific dates and locations set in the listing details. Sometimes additional days are allowed and this will also be stated in the listing.

Relocating a car or campervan is a great option if:

  • You are flexible with your dates and destinations
  • You can leave with little notice
  • Have a tight budget
  • Are happy to take any brand of vehicle (new and not so new)
  • And are looking for a short term deal rather than a long term hire

Relocating a car or campervan is not such a great idea if:

  • You are looking for a specific make/model and/or brand of vehicle
  • Want long term hire (over 1 – 2 weeks)
  • Want to travel to multiple destinations and have no idea where you will end up

If you’re interested in any of our relocations, please feel free to contact us on the details below as we are happy to discuss any concern or questions you have about our service and listings.

Relocations in New Zealand: 0064 9 6307533
Relocations in Australia: 0061 2 80111870
Email: [email protected]

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