Exploring the Wonders of the Great Tropical Drive

Springtime is finally upon us and the time is better than ever to plan your very own escapade into the rich natural wonders of Australia. Fortunately, you are not left to dwell in the realm of uncertainty, as we’ll be taking you through some of the most magnificent drives, routes and destinations on this adventure.

Here are the wonders of the Great Tropical Drive you must work into your itinerary this season. Mind you, Queensland is a vast country, so you’ll need reliable transportation, as a free transfer car, to move around like we did. Let’s get down to it.

Great Barrier Reef Drive

Image1Your journey begins at Cairns and takes you up north along the bath of the coastal drive all the way to Port Douglas and the famous Great Barrier Reef. You’ll pass through some amazing places and gems of mother nature such as Trinity Beach, Palm Cove and the breathtaking Ellis Beach, with wonderful diving opportunities waiting for you at the Reef itself from Port Douglas.

Palm Cove to Port Douglas

Be sure to make a stop at Palm Cove on your exploration route to Port Douglas, and even spend the night in a charming, quaint environment overlooking the breathtaking golden beachside scenery and the Double Island. The Town is perfect for a romantic getaway and staying at the Palm Cove Tropic Apartments imposes itself as a logical choice to this end.

Port Douglas to Daintree Village

Image2Next stop on your adventure: the amazing Daintree Village. Here you’ll get the chance to learn about aboriginal culture of the Kuku Yalanji tribe who have preserved their history and identity to this very day. When heading to the Daintree National Park, be sure to stop at the freshwater swimming holes at Mossman Gorge.

Daintree Village to Cape Tribulation

Just a one-and-a-half hour drive to the north lies your next stop, Cape Tribulation, a remote coastal area within Daintree National Park. There are numerous activities waiting for you here, from boat tours to the Great Barrier Reef to trekking trails to Mount Sorrow. For those of you in need of a little adrenaline boost, be sure to head out to one of the numerous zip lining spots in the area.


Image3Heading further up north, you will find the quaint, stunning countryside surrounding the ever-charming Cooktown. From here, you can venture back through time into the colonial days and the ancient aboriginal cultures of the region, as well. Explore the town by visiting the statue of Captain James Cook, as well as the numerous historic buildings and museums where tales of different indigenous cultures await.

Tully to Mission Beach

The next part of the adventure will take you south to a small town of Tully, situated in the Cassowary Coast Region. Here you will have the chance to unpack for a while at Beds on Bryant, as you will be exploring the Mount Mackay National Park to the east, and the Tully National Park to the west, before heading out to greet the small town of Mission Beach and its magnificent beaches and lookouts.


Image4Further down south lies the Paluma Range National Park, from where you will be able to visit the city of Townsville, and even spend a couple of days exploring the urban area. While at Paluma, be sure to visit the breathtaking sceneries of Jourama Falls, Crystal Creek and Lake Paluma itself.

Kirrama Range Road

Your last, and probably one of the most impressive destinations on this adventure, is the Blencoe Falls located in the Girrngun National Park, accessed via Kirrama Range Road. This is truly a unique wildlife experience, as you will be staying at the Blencoe Falls Camping Area, from where you can trek your way to the famous Blencoe Fall Lookout. Don’t forget your camera and your camping equipment (or even rent a free campervan, for that matter).

Springtime is the time to be travelling and exploring the vastness of the Great Tropical Drive. We have listed some of the spots on this immense route, but you are bound to make many other exciting discoveries along the way.   







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