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Good website for my first car rental experience. Thank you very much to give me two free day to using the car, the a lot of money in peak season.
By Charles X., Jan 24 2017
An excellent service that i'll continue to make use of as long as the transfers are not over-loaded with high daily insurance costs or similar. Happy to recommend to others too.
By Craig C., Jan 24 2017
Always a pleasure. TransferCar has always ironed out the details and made dealing with them a pleasure.
By Craig C., Jan 24 2017
Transfer Car continues to deliver. I've always found their arrangements to be quick, well organised and reliable.
By Craig C., Jan 24 2017
By Iaean C., Jan 24 2017
Transfercar is great but first time customers need to know that there will be a visa hold on their card of $200 and that it may be 7-10 days before its returned. That's a hefty fee for many of us. Although I realise travelling in style is a huge benefit, this process should be more of a reciprocal relationship. We shouldn't be penalised for returning a rental car.
By Vonny J., Jan 24 2017
Excellent Service, quick response AAA+
By Ganesparan S., Jan 24 2017
By ERIC G., Jan 24 2017
By Tom Possert , Jan 24 2017
By ERIC G., Jan 24 2017
Very good concept but not enough information about the rent company and other fees
By Stephane M., Jan 24 2017
It would be good to have more obvious mention of insurance costs as an expense to be expected. I noticed that it was mentioned, but somehow it is still a shock to obsorb the added expense each time I transfer a car.
By fusekate, Jan 24 2017
By Harry C., Jan 24 2017
Transfercar is a excellent idea to which I only wish I had known about them sooner. The online booking system made it easy and they confirmed all the details via email and when I arrived at the airport I went straight to the car rental company with no issues. Would definitely be using their service in the future.
By Timi T., Jan 24 2017
By Ryan W., Jan 24 2017
By Anna M., Jan 24 2017
relaxed, friendly and really helpful
By Ashley B., Jan 23 2017
Maybe step by step diagram of where you are on your transfer car process otherwise you're hopping between very distinct emails with very small details and trying to join them all together. Especially for first time users.
By Malcolm T., Jan 23 2017
By Nicolas C., Jan 23 2017
By David C., Jan 23 2017
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