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This was my first use of the service so I was very happy with the concept. I wasn’t really sure what vehicle I would get but the Camry was a delight to drive.
By Geoff Black, Mar 21 2018
Was really good service, nice car and the customer service at the airport friendly and helpful :)
By enrique ortiz, Mar 21 2018
By Michaela Combe, Mar 21 2018
By David Bennet, Mar 21 2018
By Sascha Viertel, Mar 21 2018
By Jena Hay, Mar 21 2018
By Ricky Simons, Mar 21 2018
By LUCIANO TERRA, Mar 21 2018
By Melanie Harris, Mar 20 2018
By Rodrigo Labes, Mar 20 2018
By Abbie Schurink, Mar 20 2018
By nicole calmet, Mar 21 2018
I know this is not how it works but I would like to know the name of the company I am booking with initially only for the purpose of dropping the vehicle off in PIcton with all the upheaval at present with the rental.companies while the relocation is currently going on at the fFerry Terminal. It is not an issue with the top tier companies but second tier ie Ace Apex etc. I frequently use your service but mainly on the ChCh - PIcton route and would use it more if there were bookings Picton - ChCh!! Keep up the good work. . . . Wish I could get paid to be a Transfer Car driver then I could zoom all around the country Ha.
By Elisabeth Magee, Mar 21 2018
By Derek Allen, Mar 22 2018
No. It was a good experience. Thanks
By Mark Fleming, Mar 20 2018
It all went really well !
By Germain Lutz, Mar 20 2018
Maybe allow an extra day (5 days instead of 4)for the drive to and from Auckland to Queenstown.
By Geoff McGillivray, Mar 20 2018
By Andrei Dantas Diniz da Silva, Mar 20 2018
By Aiden Kelly, Mar 20 2018
By Harman Athwal, Mar 20 2018
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